How many toilets and wash basins should you provide in schools?

/ April 16, 2018

Here at Edge Design Washrooms we offer a complete ‘fit out’ service which covers design, manufacture and installation. From nurseries through to universities, our comprehensive range of floor to ceiling materials and configurations are specifically designed for the Education sector.

At each stage, there are a recommended number of toilets per wash basin which we would recommend for your school.

NURSERY – Foundation Stage (5 years and under)

  • 1 toilet per 10 pupils or part thereof
  • 1 wash basin per toilet

PRIMARY – Key Stage 1 & 2 (age 5 to 11 years)

  • 1 toilet per 20 pupils or part thereof, not less than 4
  • 1 wash basin per toilet

SECONDARY – Key Stage 3 & above (age 11+ years)

  • 1 toilet per 20 pupils or part thereof (male and female)
  • 1 wash basin per toilet where are up to 3 appliances; 2 wash basins per 3 toilets where there are more than 3 appliances
  • Showers and Changing Facilities must be provided when pupils are over 11 years old and receive physical education


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