Ofsted love OUTSTANDING washrooms

/ April 5, 2018

After all the preparation for an Ofsted inspection, can you imagine being marked down because you missed some toilet signs?

Here are some comments recently made on existing Ofsted reports where school washrooms fell short and how to easily avoid these mistakes.

“The water temperature from some taps was too hot” – regulations state that 43 degrees Celsius is generally the maximum temperature for hot water to avoid risk of scalding.

“There were inadequate arrangements for the disposal of sanitary towels” – there should be sanitary towel disposal units in all female cubicles (where age appropriate in both primary and secondary schools), serviced on a regular basis.

“There were not enough signs to show clearly whether facilities were to be used by boys or girls” – Easy. Buy some male and female signs and attach them where visible on entrance to all washrooms.

“Insufficient paper towels and soap were available in the washroom” – Create an effective washroom cleaning/inspection regime to ensure the facilities are clean and stocked.

“Pupil’s privacy was not always being fully maintained” – Open plan or easily viewable hand washing areas are recommended to reduce anti-social behaviour. But toilet cubicles should be out of direct view from circulation areas, with a locking door. Urinals can also be separated by modesty screens.


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