Difficult Shaped Washrooms

/ August 15, 2018

Does your washroom is situated under a sloping roof, or has a difficult shape, or isn’t benefiting from enough natural light? There are ways to work around each issue to optimise the light, space and comfort of any washroom solution, such as:

  • Using reflective or transparent surfaces to allow as much light as possible to fill the room
  • Installing a skylight or sun tubes to a windowless room
  • Incorporating bespoke storage into an odd-shaped room
  • Adding integrated and free-floating fixtures to give the illusion of more floor space
  • Choosing tiles that help to give the appearance of a wider room or taller ceiling

At Edge Design Washrooms we work with you from the very first stages of your design and planning, and with our render drawings, you can be assured of finding the ideal washroom solution for your space.

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