Washrooms Designed for Industry

/ August 23, 2018

Refurbishing a washroom for an industrial site or designing one from scratch is a chance for you to have exactly the fittings and style you’ve always wanted – from basins to storage, wall panelling to lighting design and not to forget the inclusion of hygienic responsibility. Few room measurements are exactly the same, and every aspect of construction and decoration needs to be taken into account when designing a solution, including the position of pipes, electrical outlets, the amount of natural daylight that you have access to, and how your interior design matches or complements the rest of your site.

Building a washroom solution from scratch offers many benefits and allows you to fix all the little errors and irritating mis-fitting elements in your existing facilities. The great thing about bespoke design is that you don’t have to compromise on your choices – standard sized fittings often mean you can’t use your room efficiently, whereas bespoke interior design means you can make the very best of the space available and even add in extras that you couldn’t have considered before.

Additions you might want to think about include:

  • Robust floor covering, with cap and coving 100mm in the corners
  • Floor to ceiling IPS duct panelling, covering pipework
  • Newly suspended ceilings, with cost efficient lighting
  • Walk in washrooms, and easy access to cleaning stations

By working with our design team at Edge Design Washrooms, you will be able to customise your new facilities to suit your needs, making it a space to be proud of and within health regulations. And, of course, with a bespoke solution, you will be able to enjoy a design that is completely unique to you!

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